Telephone or online counselling

My intention is for your experience of telephone or online sessions to be as beneficial as in-person sessions.

To prepare for remote sessions I will send you an information document beforehand in order to get the maximum benefit out of therapy. This sheet includes information on confidentiality and tips on operating technology for our therapy sessions.

Privacy suggestions before sessions

You may find it useful to reflect on the following questions:

  • Have I found a private, calm and quiet environment where I feel comfortable and able to talk freely? (For example, no one can overhear my conversation).
  • Have I found an environment where I will not be interrupted or disturbed?

Self-care after sessions

At the end of a face-to-face session, you would usually do some activities that allow you to process your emotions; they might help you switch off from therapy and transition into everyday life. For example, you would leave your therapist’s office, walk to the car or to public transport and travel to your next destination. After an online session, you might find yourself alone at home without the personal connection that in-person therapy would provide.

It might be useful to think about what you need after an online session. Some people go for a walk, others prefer to relax by having a cup of tea. There is no right or wrong way to be after counselling. However, you could perhaps think about ways you can take care of yourself to transition back into your immediate, physical surroundings after an online session.

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