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How can I support you? 

Working with me may enable you to see your situation more clearly and consider problems from a different point of view. This can help you to develop a better understanding of yourself and your relationships, addressing what is important to you and allowing you to find a way forward. This process can support you in taking different decisions and actions in order to overcome difficulties.

I bring extensive experience of talking therapy through years of working for both the public and private sector, both in-person and online. I aim to create a trustworthy relationship with you in which you can feel emotionally held during your most challenging moments.

Getting started

Please get in touch for a call on 07930 865657, send me an email at francesco@francescoloditherapy.com or fill out the contact form so we can consider your goals from therapy and address any questions you may have.


Online therapy  -  £70 per 50 minutes for individuals, and £90 per 60 minutes for couples and families.
Face to face therapy  -  £75 per 50 minutes for individuals, and £95 per 60 minutes for couples and families.

Sessions are normally at the same time and on the same day each week. However, this can be discussed according to your requirements.

Professional accreditation

I am a registered therapy member, bound to practise under the Ethical Framework set out by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). The BACP is the U.K.'s leading professional body of counsellors and psychotherapists, aiming to help you choose a competent, trustworthy therapist. In addition to my credentials, I have gained accreditation status with the BACP, which recognises rigorous, thorough training, a high level of proficiency and extensive clinical experience.

Professional training

I completed trainings in supporting adults affected by early-age adverse events.

My passion and commitment to my ongoing personal growth are essential elements of my practice. Additionally, regular professional development fosters my work with clients. I regularly work with other therapists and participate in group therapy discussions and workshops.

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